Catholic Board Getting Likes & Favourites

The chair for the Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board is astonished at the response to their social media information initiative.

Barb Holland says the ‘We Need To Talk’ series launched two months ago and saw a letter sent to every parent part of the school board followed by four newsletters and workshops giving information on social media applications, online slang and other tips.

“As technology progresses, parents are having a difficult time keeping up with the changes,” says Holland, commenting on the need the board feels it’s addressing. “Our kids just don’t understand how sexting and how internet bullying and how the myriad of other things that are out there on the internet in terms of privacy and keeping them safe, how rapidly that is changing.”

The board’s Parent Involvement Committee is applying for a $20,000 grant to continue social media workshops for students and parents next year.

“We’re hearing from parents that these newsletters are on their fridge doors and they refer to them often, that they’re sharing them with friends and that they really appreciate knowing how to handle these new situations.”