Jobs Created At Inactive Rail Head

Windsor Rail Yard, March 25, 2014. (photo by Mike Vlasveld)

The president of Unifor Local 444 says the union has negotiated a contract with Chrysler Canada to create ten new jobs at a railhead in Windsor.

General Motors used to use the rail head on North Service Sd. Rd. near Jefferson. At its height, GM shipped more than 250,000 vehicles a year from the site, but eventually the operation wasn’t considered viable, and it was shut down.

Dino Chiodo says Unifor’s contract with Chrysler Canada, the Automotive Warehouse Company and CN Rail will start small. “You could grow that up to a healthy 40-50 (jobs) if that would be required, and they could ship 200,000 units, but at this point here I don’t see that.”

Chiodo says the ten workers are in the process of being hired and operations at the rail head will start Monday.