Group Boycotting Park’s Art Event

Willistead Park (Photo by Ricardo Veneza)

A number of Windsor residents plan to boycott Art In The Park next weekend, which the Rotary Club feels is unfair.

Jackie Giannotti lives near Willistead Park and says it’s nothing against the event itself, but against the city’s decision to lay down a new paved pathway on the grounds. She feels the Rotary Club simply condones the city’s actions by hosting Art In The Park at Willistead. “Art In The Park never used to have these food and beer tents and vendors,” explains Giannotti. “It used to literally just be art in the park. You know, Art In The Park has really, honestly, outgrown Willistead Park at this point.”

Art In The Park Co-Chair Phil Cohen says the paths are actually causing problems in terms of setting up for the event. “The pathways were not put in for Rotary. They certainly do not follow the lay-out that we had for the park, but they are there, so we’ll work with them.”

Cohen stresses that the Rotary Club had nothing to do with the city’s decision to build the new paths at Willistead, and feels it’s wrong for residents to take out their frustrations by not supporting a group that does local charity work.

The City of Windsor is laying asphalt at the park today.