Kingsville Loses A Leader

Essex County is remembering former Kingsville Comets Captain Ken Fraser.

The 30-year-old Kingsville native passed away on Saturday after a battle with melanoma which lasted nearly a year-and-a-half.

Amherstburg Admirals General Manager Wes Ewer is a former teammate of Fraser, and says he was a leader both on and off the ice. “You didn’t leave an interaction with Ken not smiling. That’s just the way that he was,” explains Ewer. “Talk about leading by example — I think I heard him speak up (in the Comets locker room) to tell everyone ‘listen, this is what we’ve got to do’ maybe one or two times. Every time else, you just knew what you had to do.”

Fraser’s last year with the Comets came in 2004-2005. In his last two seasons, he racked up 27 goals and 45 assists in 73 games.