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Bell Time Change Creates Problems

A Windsor mother wishes there had been public consultation before a decision was made to change the bell time at her children’s school.

Robin McCullough has two children at Talbot Trail Public School where the start time will move to 9:10am this coming September, from the current 8:22am.

She says she may have to choose between her job and steep daycare costs. “I have two children which will result in a $600 a month daycare cost,” she says. “My job is not flexible and possibly will not be able to accommodate a 9:45am start time, which is approximately the time I would get there in the morning.”

Greater Essex County District School Board spokesman Scott Scantlebury says the bus consortium, Windsor Essex Student Transportation Services decides bell times. Changes are based on traffic congestion around schools and bus routes. McCollough says other options might have been considered if only the bus company consulted with parents.