WETech Alliance Kicks off the Yknot youth retention campaign.

Tying Youth to Windsor-Essex

WETech alliance is launching a new campaign, YKNOT (y-not) to help attract and retain youth to the region.

The campaign hopes to strengthen ties to the community through networking, and advocate partnerships with youth and industry. “We’re starting with community both online and offline at our networking events and we have our social media up. The second piece is opportunities people need a reason to stay and they’ll go to where those opportunities are. So we’re starting with what we have and making sure that in the areas of volunteering, entrepreneurship, civic engagement, arts and culture and employment that those opportunities are made available,” says project coordinator Dan Brown.

He says it’s not just about attracting a lot of jobs to the region, it’s about the quality of jobs.

The project came into fruition through a Trillium grant worth $105,500.