Requesting Long Weekend Field Respect

Sports fields at Windsor's Ford Test Track. (photo by Mike Vlasveld)

Windsor’s Parks and Recreation Department is hoping sports fields in the city will be in better shape after this weekend.

Executive Director John Miceli says weather is going to be a factor over the next few days, as well as no damage being done while they’re still soggy. “To organized sports groups, we send them direct e-mails, and then we communicate to the media that the sports fields are closed. We’ve got it on our website and we let everybody know. We can’t control members of the general public going on our fields. We just hope they respect what we’re saying, and they stay off them.”

Sports fields have been closed across Windsor since Wednesday.

Miceli says Parks and Rec brought in its summer staff a week early this year, they’re prepared to work overtime once the ground is dry enough. The weight of the lawnmowers and other equipment would do more harm than good at the moment.