The most recent Liberal candidate for the Essex riding, Crystal Meloche attends Ontario Liberal campaign launch event on May 7, 2014. (Photo by Ricardo Veneza)

LaSalle Not Likely Facing Byelection

LaSalle Mayor Ken Antaya doesn’t expect residents will want a municipal byelection should Councillor Crystal Meloche win a seat in the provincial vote.

“We don’t have to ride it out, but we can,” says Antaya, feeling a byelection ahead of a municipal election set for the fall doesn’t make much sense. “I don’t think we’d be incurring any costs for a byelection just for a couple of months.”

Meloche is the Liberal candidate in the Essex riding and seems to be on the same page as LaSalle’s mayor.

“I don’t imagine they’re going to want to fill that position with the [by-election] costs,” says Meloche, whose departure would leave LaSalle Council with six members. “It would be a decision that [council] would have to make.”

Meloche is up against NDP incumbent Taras Natyshak and PC challenger Ray Cecile in the Essex riding.