Nessen Ship Returning To Leamington Marina

After 30 years away from the waterfront, remains of the Nessen will be returned to the Leamington Marina, where it was discovered in 1984.

The Nessen was a wooden schooner that sunk in Lake Erie in 1929, but was discovered when the lake bed was dug out to make way for the marina.

Erie Quest Chair Art Kruger says a 5 ft piece of the bow remains, and will be placed in a flower bed at the marina. “Unfortunately there isn’t that much remaining from the original artifact. But, we talked about it and felt that using a portion of it and placing it near the entrance to the marina was good use of the ship’s remains.”

Leamington has set aside $15,000 to cover the cost to move the boat and the structures needed to protect the remains. Staff is currently in talks with Heritage Ontario to determine the best course of action.