Petition Targets Windsor Pet Store

Corbret's Pets Depot in Windsor (Photo by Adelle Loiselle.)

A petition, calling on a Windsor pet store to improve conditions for its animals, is making the rounds.

Jayme Lauzon started the petition after a visit to Corbret’s Pet Depot on Walker Rd. She says she was appalled by the conditions and she thinks it’s time Ontario toughened animal welfare laws. “You can’t catch a store for anything specific other than abuse, physical abuse which there are no signs of, and food and water,” she says. “But what about neglect? What about the lack of stimulation? If you put anything in a cage and confine it for a long period of time, to me that’s a type of abuse.”

The owner of Corbret’s has not returned calls from, but the executive director of the Windsor Essex County Humane Society says an inspector was there the week before last and found no violations. Melanie Coulter says the animals were in good shape, had food and water, and the ventilation was adequate.

Coulter says the humane society gets a complaint about Corbret’s every month or so, but inspectors have never found a reason to lay charges.