Multi-vehicle Crash On Walker Rd. (GALLERY)

Accident at Walker Rd. and Niagara St. May 6, 2014. (Photo by Maureen Revait)

Charges are pending in a four-vehicle accident on Walker Rd. that occurred over the noon hour.

According to witnesses, a northbound Ford Escape swerved into the southbound lane hitting another vehicle and causing a pick-up truck with a trailer to swerve into the restaurant on the corner of Niagara and Walker Rd.

Witness Aaron Howell says he is surprised everyone walked away with non-serious injuries. “People got out right away. I was really surprised the guys in the pick-up that hit the building got out because they hit the building hard. But they jumped out right away and they were checking on everyone else. There was my car and a couple other people that got out of their cars to check on them and everyone seemed okay. Nothing too severe.”

Traffic was blocked in both directions between Ottawa St. and Cataraqui St. as police and fire cleared the scene.