Parkway Official Denies Big Problems file photo of construction on the Herb Gray Pkwy.

A high-ranking official with the Rt. Hon. Herb Gray Pkwy. project says concerns raised by the Ontario New Democrats are problems any big infrastructure project will face.

Damian Joy is the interim executive director responsible for Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure Ontario’s role in the project.

The NDP claim documents obtained in a Freedom of Information request show there are safety concerns about connector bearing pads, which support girders in construction. The party also says the mixing and application of concrete is worrisome, along with waterproofing. Joy admits harsh weather this past winter created some challenges, but “they’re issues of compliance with specifications and processes which is every day business on a construction site of this sort of size.”

As for the connector bearing pads, Joy says they were manufactured by a company approved by the ministry and tested before they arrived on the site. “The only question of approval was whether they would be coming directly from the manufacturer or through one of the main distributors.”