Parkway Allegations Met With Anger

Photo of Ontario Transportation Minister Glen Murray speaking in London April 30, 2014. (Photo by Avery Moore.)

Ontario’s Transportation Minister is coming out swinging against the New Democrats over allegations there are more problems on the Rt. Hon. Herb Gray Pkwy.

Glen Murray stopped in London Wednesday to announce his government’s plans to build a new high-speed rail connection between London and Toronto, when asked him about allegations staff in his office knew about faulty girders installed along the Parkway project as early as December 2012. “The safety issues were only discovered when I forced a second round of testing,” says Murray. “In June, I was briefed for the first time that there may be problems, and I was being briefed because the deputy minister was responding to a request. The first week of June, to be very clear about the time frame, I met with both my deputies. Both of them told me really clearly in June they were not aware of any safety concerns.”

The NDP also alleges concerns with connector bearings that don’t meet MTO standards and with the application of concrete. Interim director for the MTO and Infrastructure Ontario’s involvement in the project, Damian Joy says the problems are nothing one wouldn’t expect with a large-scale project and connector bearings are made and tested by an MTO approved manufacturer.

Murray is demanding an apology from Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath. “This is one of the most shameful things. She owes me an apology. She owes the government an apology and she owes the people of Windsor and the people building this project an apology.”