Highbury-Canco Signs Deals With Growers

BlackburnNews.com file photo of Highbury-Canco (former Heinz) factory in Leamington.

The company set to take over operations at Heinz in Leamington has signed contracts with tomato growers.

According to sources close to the industry, a total of ten growers have signed deals with Highbury-Canco. Five of those growers are in Chatham-Kent, four in Leamington and one near Harrow. That’s a significant drop from the 43 that were under contract with Heinz.

The company will purchase a total of 40,000 tons of tomatoes, down from over 200,000 tons received by Heinz last year.

Highbury-Canco will produce tomato juice at the plant for Heinz, but the ketchup and paste lines will be shut down.