Long-Time Reporter Retiring

Municipal Affairs reporter Gino Conte speaks at Windsor City Council after receiving a key to the city in honour of his retirement.

Long-time municipal affairs reporter Gino Conte is retiring from the CBC after 40 years in the business.

Windsor Mayor Eddie Francis presented Conte with a key to the city after thanking him for his dedication to unbiased reporting. “He’s always been fair and he’s always been responsible in ensuring that the listeners at home got the unbiased version and yet got the balanced version of what was happening and why it was important to them.”

In an emotional farewell speech, Conte says he will miss the day-to-day interaction with city officials and staff. “When I started in this business my goal was to make sure I was honest, fair, trustworthy and that I developed a trust with the people. I believe I’ve done that.”

As part of his parting words to councillors, Conte encouraged them to begin building a trust between the county and the city to help bring the region forward. Conte’s last day with the CBC is Wednesday.