Kingsville Sticking With Voting Method

Town of Kingsville Welcome Sign. ( file photo.)

Kingsville isn’t wavering on its plans for Internet and telephone voting for the upcoming municipal election. Councillor Sandy McIntyre had council reconsider the voting method at the latest meeting, offering mail-in balloting as a preferred option.

Mayor Nelson Santos says Kingsville Council’s approval of Internet and phone voting came after a year-long consultation process which showed residents wanted the new method.

“Whether you’re on your smartphone or utilizing a telephone from home, people would probably take a second look at voting, which gave [council] I guess the confidence that we would get more people voting at the end of the day,” says Santos.

McIntyre wanted the voting method reconsidered because of some concern she heard from senior residents in Kingsville. Two separate motions that would have done away with Internet and telephone voting for Kingsville’s 2014 election both lost with 3-3 votes.

The Internet and phone voting method for the 2014 municipal election will cost $55,000 while mail-in balloting would have cost a further $30,000.