Keeping Geese Off The Parkway

Parkway Infrastructure Constructors Communications Manager Cindy Prince (left) and Permits and Utility Relocation Manager Bill Bateman at LaSalle council, January 14, 2014.

If you spot unusual activity around the Herb Gray Parkway project, starting in the next couple of weeks, it might just be a strategy to keep Canadian Geese away.

Permits and Utility Relocation Manager Bill Bateman says grass is starting to be planted along parts of the new highway in LaSalle, and they’re afraid the geese will eat the seed before it has a chance to establish itself in the ground. “We’re going to be implementing dogs, to chase the birds away; these loud noises, like fire crackers, the zingers; there’s also going to be kites flying around to simulate hawks and things like that.”

Bateman says the firecrackers, otherwise known as “bird bangers,” will be used during the day. He doesn’t think they’ll disrupt local residents.

He explains the tall prairie grass which is being planted is a rare seed, which is more expensive, so they’re trying to protect the investment.

The highway project has also had its noise exemption extended another six months in LaSalle.