LaSalle Fire Stats Below Provincial Average

Firefighters responded to a house fire on Poppe Line in Tilbury, on April 12, 2014. (Photo courtesy of the Chatham-Kent Fire Department via Twitter.)

Saying calls to the LaSalle Fire Service are consistent with last year, a report to the town council says property loss remains low at around $600,000.

There were 306 calls to LaSalle Fire Service in 2013. The report also says there were no fatalities or serious injuries related to fires in the town.

Public education gets the credit for low losses. The service says it reached 2,500 people with its education programming last year.

The door to door smoke alarm campaign reached 1,600 residents and found that 70% of homes inspected had a working smoke alarm, compared to just 51% provincially. Firefighters installed 150 alarms and replaced batteries in 44. The report also documents two incidents where sleeping residents were alerted to a fire by their smoke alarm.