Express Looking To Future

The Windsor Express celebrate their first championship in franchise history, April 17, 2014. (Photo by Mike Vlasveld)

The Windsor Express are now thinking about how they’ll follow up their first championship season.

Questions remain about which players will return and whether or not the team should play at WFCU Centre or find a new home downtown.

Head Coach Bill Jones says a strong argument will be made for the WFCU Centre if they’re able to sell some season tickets right away. “Hopefully we generated a fan base (and we let them) know that this is winning organization that they can come out and support. We’re going to do this again next year. We just need to find the best place to play where people can come out and support us.”

As for the players, Jones hopes that many of them are able to move onto bigger and better things. Regardless, he says the organization will bring in the best players available for next season and they’ll be implementing the same system in hopes of continuing Windsor’s winning ways.