Winter Forcing County To Reserves

(Photo by Ricardo Veneza)

Essex County Council is drawing $760,000 out of its Rate Stabilization Reserve to pay for winter control and road work.

County Rd. 9 in Amherstburg between County Rd. 10 and Alma St. and Country Rd. 14 in Kingsville between County Rd. 31 and Graham Side Rd. need immediate attention after suffering through a hard winter, according to County Engineer Tom Bateman.

“We had a couple candidate roads that we did not plan to rehabilitate in 2014; they were candidates for the next year or two but they really, coming out of the winter, needed to be brought forward in the program,” says Bateman. “With the frost heaving, it’s very hard on the plows because the plows are skipping and banging off of that, so it became well known to us the roads what were giving us problems.”

The county’s 2014 winter control budget is also expected to need another $500,000 to keep up with the workload. Planned work for County Rd. 14 in Leamington between County Rd. 31 and Hwy. 77 and for a bridge on County Rd. 8 in Belle River will be deferred to offset costs.