Dirty Jersey’s Defends Off-Track Betting

Members of the newly formed HOWEC group meet beside Club Alouette to announce a teletheatre boycott, May 27, 2013.

Amid complaints there’s not enough parking, it’s too crowded and it’s too noisy, the owner of Dirty Jersey’s in Windsor is defending off-track betting in his bar.

Wayne Craig,¬†founder of the Horseplayers of Windsor Essex County, fought to have off-track betting removed from Club Alouette over similar concerns, but says the new venue still does not meet bettors’ needs. “When I spoke with one of the gentlemen from the Woodbine group the first week in January… I told him the number one thing is to hear the races,” he says. “I was assured that that’s going to happen. That’s not happening.”

Dirty Jersey’s owner Mike Duval has a two-year contract to host off-track betting. “When you’ve got a hundred people in a room, it’s not like being in a church. But we have segregated the bar area from the betting area.”

Duval admits it will be very busy May 3, the day of the Kentucky Derby. “On our busiest day, we generally get 100 or 90 people and we can accommodate them very easily,” he says. “We’re looking at double that amount, but we’ll accommodate it. We’ll get through it. We have a large patio so we’re praying that the weather co-operates on that day and then we’ll put a couple of TVs out on our patio.”