More Public Opinion On Recommendations

A crowd of parents, students and community leaders in Tecumseh gather to give their opinion on recommended changes by the Catholic school board. April 16, 2014. (Photo by Mike Vlasveld)

Parents of students at St. Gregory Catholic Elementary School still can’t find many positives in board recommendations that could see the facility close this June.

The Catholic board held a public forum for Tecumseh area schools last night at St. Anne’s Catholic High School in Belle River.

Parent Mike Rohrer wants his kids enrolled in a Catholic school in his community, but he, like many other parents, are letting the board know that they’ve got leverage. “We, for example, can choose not to go to St. Pius. We can choose to enroll our child in the public (school) system,” explains Rohrer. “We, conceivably, could work with the public (school) board to purchase St. Gregory’s. So there’s a Plan A and a Plan B, and a Plan C and a Plan D. I would very much be delighted if we could execute on Plan A.'”

Due to low enrollment, the school board is recommending that St. Gregory students be moved to St. Pius X Catholic Elementary School in the fall.  However, the idea of St. Gregory as a middle school, housing Grade 7 and 8 students from both schools will be entertained before final recommendations.  That scenario would see St. Pius then turned into a JK-6 facility.  The current recommendations also include keeping St. Peter Catholic Elementary School open as a JK-8 facility.

The final recommendations will be made by the Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board on May 27.