County Backing Leamington Hospice Site

Leamington Deputy Mayor Charlie Wright (centre) speaks in support of request for financial backing of hospice facility in Leamington at County Council on April 16, 2014. (Photo by Ricardo Veneza)

Essex County Council is on board for $2-million in support over ten years towards the new Leamington hospice facility.

Administration has been asked to bring back a financial plan to council showing how it will come up with the $200,000 a year for the Hospice of Windsor and Essex County Leamington satellite.

“Going to a hospital is not the answer for end of life care,” says Cheryl Deter, the director of the Leamington hospice site, which will be called the Erie Shores Campus. “It’s not soft and gentle. It’s not the experience you want for your patients or your families.”

Hospice of Windsor and Essex County is hoping construction of the Erie Shores Campus in Leamington will begin in July and be completed before the end of the year.