Leamington Budget Includes Tax Decrease

BlackburnNews.com file photo, Leamington's 2014 budget documents. (Photo by Kevin Black)

Leamington residents will enjoy a slight property tax decrease in 2014.

Council approved the draft budget in principal, which includes a municipal tax decrease of around -0.5%, not including the school board or county levies. Mayor John Paterson says the closure of Heinz is going to make it hard for hundreds of residents, so council knew they had to trim costs. “Administration knew it, we knew it, and that was the direction given to the CAO. But, I wasn’t expecting them to come back with what they did and where we’ll end up, it is really a very good budget.”

There’s some capital spending on new trails, a fire truck and some road improvements. However, no single capital project in the budget is valued at over $1-million. One new hire in the finance department was cut out of the budget, despite overworked staff already taking weeks longer than anticipated to prepare this year’s budget.

Leamington is the only municipality in Windsor-Essex to approve a tax decrease this year.