Lakeshore & LaSalle Leading The Pack

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Leamington is trailing all of its Essex County neighbours when it comes to building new homes.

According to a year-end report prepared for Leamington Council, there were just 19 new residential units built in 2013 behind Tecumseh with 34 new builds.

“We did terminate one of our employees in the building department to save on costs,” says John Paterson, Leamington’s mayor, pointing to actions council has taken. “It was pretty hard to justify having that extra body there, but we’ve also worked hard on approving three new subdivisions as well as working with our developers in the open sessions that we had (at Leamington town hall).”

Leamington has seen a steady decline in the number of homes built dating back to 2010 when there were 41 new residential units built.

2013 Residential Units Created:

* Lakeshore 168

* LaSalle 152

* Amherstburg 79

* Kingsville 77

* Essex 53

* Tecumseh 34

* Leamington 19