Kingsville Finalizes Budget, Amherstburg Starts

Nelson Santos speaking at the 2014 Mayors Breakfast. (Photo by Maureen Revait)

Residents in Kingsville will pay another 5.6% in municipal property taxes, or a combined increase of 2.5%.

That works out to another $62 a year on the average home valued at $200,000.

Mayor Nelson Santos says it wasn’t an easy budget to finalize. He says the impacts of harsh winter weather account for much of the increase. “We’re looking at over a 200% increase just in winter control alone,” he says. “We’re going to spend just over half a million dollars compared to the slightly over $200,000 the year prior.”

The weather may have warmed up, but those impacts continue to be felt on Kingsville roads. That’s why Santos says town council also set aside $2-million for road reconstruction.

The town of Amherstburg just began budget deliberations Tuesday. So far, property owners are looking at a 10.01% increase in the municipal rate. Town staff have prepared two budget scenarios: one including a $12-million dollar offer from Entregrus of Chatham-Kent to take over the town’s 14% share in Essex Power, and one without the offer from the Chatham-Kent utility.