Employees Positive So Far

A member of Unifor Local 444 casts their ballot during the ratification vote for Caesars Windsor contract.

After around 1,000 employees cast their ballots in the first round of ratification voting, Unifor Local 444’s president is hopeful.

The mood seemed positive as people left the Caboto Club this morning after voting for a new contract with Caesars Windsor.

President Dino Chiodo believes this is the best possible contract for the workers. “There’s a lot of good conversations, people were happy, they were content with some of the demands that were presented and put forward that we were able to win. But at the same time there’s frustration cause you can’t put a complete package together and by that extension some people are frustrated.”

The second round of voting began at 3pm. The final count will not be available until after the third and final vote at 7pm.