Windsor City Councillor Drew Dilkens. ( file photo)

City Considering Pan Handling Zones

Windsor Ward 1 City Councillor Drew Dilkens is hoping council can address what he sees as a pan handling problem downtown.

“I see how pan handling, you know these people accost, annoy and interfere with people on a daily basis,” says Dilkens, who had council pass his motion to look into creating pan handling zones.

“Some people are scared. Some people don’t like that. They’re intimidated by that and they’re scared,” says Dilkens, feeling pan handlers are hurting the city’s efforts to attract people to the city core. “Recognizing the investment we made. Recgonizing that we’re trying to creat a safe environment. Recognizing that we’re trying to create an environment that’s inviting. It’s really incumbent upon [council] to look at a way to control where pan handling can occur, if possible.”

Administration is set to bring a report back to council at a future meeting.