Encroachment Fees Assessed to Feds

BlackburnNews.com file photo Paul Martin Building, downtown Windsor.

The City of Windsor is asking the federal government to pay nearly $52,000 in encroachment fees for the scaffolding around the Paul Martin Building in the city’s centre.

City staff say the new arrangement is needed because the scaffolding is no longer considered a temporary measure.

Mayor Eddie Francis says the Public Works and Government Services of Canada have indicated they have no intention to fix the facade and will sell the building as is. “As a result of it being an encroachment there’s a new set of fees that are portioned and appropriated for matters of this nature and as a result we’ve put Public Works Canada on notice of what the new fees are. That letter has gone out and we will wait to see what the response is.”

Francis says they are unsure what kind of recourse can be taken if the federal government refuses to pay the new fees.