St. Clair Considering Leamington Presence

Municipality of Leamington sign. (Ricardo Veneza)

Talks are underway to increase St. Clair College’s presence in Leamington.

The college is discussing possible course offerings connected with agriculture, the greenhouse industry and the expansion of Hospice and Leamington District Memorial Hospital.

VP of College and Community Relations John Fairley says they may also have a role in offering support to Heinz workers who will be out of a job come June. “We’ve been discussing how we as a college would be able to step in and help as we have in the Chatham-Kent area with the closure of Navistar. We have some ability to be there for retraining, for job displacements, to give career counselling.”

Fairley says the college has been looking at opportunities in Leamington for a number of years but has no timeline to complete these possible projects.