Hour Change Saving Leamington Money

Leamington Council holds a special meeting to discuss operating hours for local OPP station on March 31, 2014. (Photo by Ricardo Veneza)

Leamington Mayor John Paterson says saving money and job security are the keys in council’s decision to move away from 24/7 operating hours at the local OPP detachment.

“I didn’t receive a phone call from anyone,” says John Paterson, noting he didn’t hear much of an outcry from residents to keep the police station open 24/7, but there is concern surrounding background checks.

“This has been a problem that I’ve heard about in other jurisdictions that the OPP run as well and I’ve read it in the media where they’re saying, ‘we have a hard time getting there, we have to take a day off.'”

The 24/7 detachment operation stipulation in Leamington’s policing contract with the OPP was part of the agreement in the transition from the municipal service to the provincial police in 2010. The changeover date to 8am to 4pm hours, Monday to Friday hasn’t been set yet.