Police Widen Severed Hand Investigation

A Windsor police cruiser is parked at the CP Rail Yard on Caron Ave. after a severed human hand is found.

The investigation into the discovery of a severed human hand in a Windsor rail yard has grown to include the possibility the hand was severed at another location.

An employee at the CP Rail Yard at 1405 Caron Ave. discovered the hand next to a set of railway tracks around 3pm Tuesday. Windsor police conducted an extensive ground search but were unable to find any other evidence at the scene. Police say there’s no evidence to suggest the hand was severed at the rail yard.

The rail yard is a storage depot with multiple railway tracks where workers hook up trains. The tracks are linked to rail systems throughout North America and as far away as Guatamala. Police say there’s a possibility the hand fell from the undercarriage of a train that was involved with the victim at another location.

Unfortunately, it won’t be possible to get fingerprints from the hand but the DNA will be tested. Forensic specialists with Windsor Police Services are consulting with the Centre of Forensic Sciences and the Coroner’s Office.