Residents Object To Dredging Bill

Kingsville resident Gary Abson makes his case to council against proposed dredging charges for the Cedar Island channel, March 24, 2014. (Photo by Ricardo Veneza)

Kingsville Council is planning on meeting with the Cedar Island Yacht Club over a proposed $340,000 dredging job in the area of the Cedar Island Harbour.

The town was looking at issuing local improvement charges to nearby properties for the work but, residents objected at the latest council meeting.

“It’s a public harbour and boat owners anywhere within the town of Kingsville or anywhere in Canada or the [U.S.] are free to use this harbour,” says Gary Abson, a resident in the Cedar Island area who doesn’t see the dredging as a real benefit for him or his neighbours. “Really the dredging benefits not adjacent residential property owners but boat owners who are using the channel.”

The dredging proposal comes after the yacht club approached the town in December 2012 to consider dredging the rest of the Cedar Island channel from where the club had left off. A meeting date has yet to be scheduled.