Province Offers Help to Amherstburg

Amherstburg Town Council meeting March 24, 2014. (Photo by Maureen Revait)

The Ministery of Municipal Affairs will be conducting a review of the Town of Amherstburg’s financial management and practices.

The Ministry will hire a third party through a request for service selection process with a budget of $100,000. The review will focus on six main areas including matching revenues and expenses, reserve funds and financial practices and policies.

CAO Mike Phipps says the review will look at records as far back as 2009. “They’re going to come in and they want to see everything. They as they say will have unfettered access to staff, so we have to make sure that staff are available to them, and that all the information that they require is available to them.”

The Ministry hopes to have the review completed by September 12, 2014.