Health Unit Eyeing Emergency Reserve file photo of the Windsor Essex County Health Unit Board of Directors.

The Windsor Essex County Health Unit is looking to keep money that it would normally give back to Essex County and the City of Windsor, in order to start a new reserve fund.

CEO Dr. Gary Kirk says that the county and city have already allocated funds for this year’s budget, so the proposal is simply to keep whatever they end up with as surplus, if there ends up being any surplus at all. “It’s for one-time things. So if a boiler broke, while it’s covered by insurance, we might need to pay the deductible. If we have a need for something on an emergent basis, this will fulfill that need.”

Kirk explains that up to this point when emergencies come up, the health unit just has to bare the cost as best as it can, which can result in programs losing money that they should have.

Members of the health unit board of directors will be presenting the idea to county and city councils in another month or so.