Companies That Owe Can’t Apply

A motion needs only to go to a committee now and companies that don’t pay their bills will be barred from bidding on government contracts.

The motion, presented by Windsor-Tecumseh MPP Percy Hatfield, passed unanimously in the Ontario Legislature yesterday, but Hatfield says it’s just one step towards improving government oversight on major infrastructure projects. “There’s a long history in Ontario, in actually other parts of the province on other government work,” says Hatfield.

Hatfield introduced the motion after Windsor-Essex companies complained Freyssinet, the firm that built and installed faulty girders on the Rt.Hon. Herb Gray Pkwy. owed them money. Hotham Building Materials is suing for non-payment of $116,000 and has filed a Notice of Motion with the provincial government.

Unlike a bill that is vetted by committees and undergoes public hearings, Hatfield says the motion only has to go to the Management Board of Cabinet before it goes into effect. “It’s just a stroke of the pen. You just adopt the policy and move forward.”