Move Over Law Welcomed file photo of a fatal accident on Hwy.3 involving a tow truck and a car January 17, 2012.

Drivers working at Sandwich West Towing in LaSalle are keeping their fingers crossed Ontario’s move over law will pass this time.

It’s been introduced twice before. An election killed it the first time, and the second time former Premier Dalton McGuinty prorogued provincial parliament.

The death of tow truck driver Paul Rocheleau, who worked at Sandwich West Towing, prompted the bill. Over two years ago, Rocheleau was struck by a car while working on the side of Hwy.3, but manager Jeff Kwaitkowski says there was nothing Rocheleau could have done differently. “Everybody did their own investigation on it,” he says. “He did pretty well everything right. When a car breaks down, we can’t chose where it breaks down.”

Under the bill, drivers will have to move over to the next lane and slow down when they see an emergency vehicle or tow truck working on the shoulder of the road.