Hatfield Motion Would Protect Sub-Contractors

Windsor-Tecumseh MPP Percy Hatfield at Place Concorde in Windsor, July 16, 2013.

Windsor-Tecumseh MPP Percy Hatfield is introducing a motion at Queen’s Park today aimed at making sure local suppliers working on the parkway project get paid.

Hotham Building Materials in Windsor is suing Freyssinet, the company responsible for building faulty girders. It says it’s owed $116,000. The province is also on notice it too faces a lawsuit.

Hatfield’s motion, if passed, will force Freyssinet to pay its debts if it wants to work on other government projects in Ontario. A media advisory says the motion “calls on the government to prevent contractors with outstanding debts to subcontractors from applying for other government contracts until the bills are paid.”

“What I’m proposing with this motion is a simple solution to a complicated issue,” says a quote attributed to Hatfield in the advisory. “(It) could just be the thing to see our local companies and suppliers finally get the money they have been owed since last summer.”