Windsor Joins Health Care Campaign

(Photo courtesy of Ontario Health Coalition Windsor Chapter via Facebook)

The Ontario Health Coalition is expressing concern in Windsor-Essex over the Liberal government’s plan to alter legal regulations that could impact public hospitals.

Around 12 volunteers with the OHC Windsor-Essex County Chapter went door-to-door for the first time on Saturday to voice concerns over the potential changes to health care services. Campaign manager Kenneth Brown says the changes to the system will allow a number of hospital procedures to be outsourced to private clinics such as cataract surgery, colonoscopies, hip replacements, along with various others. He says the privatization will result in a cut to services and longer wait times at public hospitals.

“This is will lead to privatizing a chunk of our healthcare and leading to a cost for people to access quality care. (Ontario citizens) should be very much concerned and opposed to it,” says Brown.

The campaign will continue province-wide and canvassers intend to distribute ballots for an upcoming citizen-led referendum against the changes on April 5. For more information, click here: