Student Election Protest Makes Statement

(Photo courtesy of the Vote "None of the Above" campaign via Facebook)

A University of Windsor student involved in a “None of the Above” campaign feels the students are the real winners after voting down uncontested candidates running for the university’s student government.

Third year law student Mike Maher along with other students organized the campaign, Vote “None of the Above” for all UWSA Executives and Board of Directors, prior to the election this past week. On Thursday and Friday, the majority of students voted “No” or “None of the Above” rather than vote for any candidate.

Maher says before the election, a large percentage of the student body had no idea what was taking place within their university government. He says students were not given adequate notice regarding the recent election, which led to numerous candidates running unopposed.

“What it appeared to be was just a gross mishandling of what was going on, and (the UWSA) who weren’t following their bylaws and internal policies the way they should be,” says Maher. “It was really inspiring to be walking around campus and overhearing people talking about the campaign. We didn’t even have to campaign to a lot of these people because they knew our message before we even showed up. It’s really a commentary on the state of democracy on campus.”

Maher says the campaign was created to voice the concerns of the student body, and now it’s up to the current leadership of the University of Windsor Students’ Alliance to decide how to move forward.

– With files from Ricardo Veneza