Nobody Elected In UWSA Vote

USWA Board of Directors meet with representatives from The Lance (far side of table), along with University of Windsor President Alan Wildeman (far right).

The University of Windsor Students’ Alliance won’t have a president or a board of directors as of May 1.

“I think this just made history for any student union,” says Rob Crawford, the current UWSA president. “We’re now in a very strange situation where we have no executive elected and no board of directors elected. I’m in shock to be honest.”

There were 12 candidates running for 12 positions, all set to be acclaimed. However, more students voted for the ‘No’ or ‘None of the Above’ options than for the actual candidates.

Crawford says there won’t be enough time in the school year to run another election and expects a fall vote will need to be held. An executive meeting will be called on Monday to sort out next steps for the UWSA ahead of a regular board meeting on Thursday.