Business of the Month – WaveDirect

Ready for an Internet Upgrade:

Fiber internet is the fastest technology on the market today and it can mean a serious upgrade to your current internet service. We are excited to inform you that WaveDirect is bringing fiber internet to the Cedar Beach area in Kingsville Ontario! We will be continuing to expand our fiber lines to other locations as demand increases.

What are the Advantages of Fiber Internet?

WaveDirect is pleased to bring you, only the best internet, with the fastest speeds. Fiber internet has more reliability than other connections and is completely unlimited. No more data caps, no more limits and no more surprises on your bill.

New IPTV Services!

We are offering even more entertainment to our Wavedirect customers, with the launch of our new IPTV services. For more information on this opportunity to add IPTV to your current internet plan, please reach out to us below.

Contact Sales Today:

We’d love to earn your business. Please contact our sales team to discuss all the package options available to you! When you are ready to join us call us at 1-855-844-9283.

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