Business of the Month: WaveDirect

If you’re working remotely, or have kids at home all summer long, you’ll need the best internet connection; Choose from fiber, cable and rural internet options at WaveDirect!

Ready for an Internet Upgrade?

Fiber internet is the fastest technology on the market today and it can mean a serious upgrade to your current internet service. We are excited to inform you that WaveDirect is bringing fiber internet to the Cedar Beach area in Kingsville, Ontario! We will be continuing to expand our fiber lines to other locations as demand increases.

Are you In Need of Rural Internet?

Finding out how much internet speed you need is an important part of choosing one of the rural internet services. Your everyday tasks that require Wi-Fi should be done with ease. What kind of upload and download speeds are you looking for?

We are Also Ontario Cable Providers!

WaveDirect offers both fiber and ultra fast cable available with speeds starting at 30 Mbps and going all the way up to 1 Gig/sec. If you are still struggling with DSL or Dial-up internet, contact us today! There may have been improvements in the Essex County area where you can get faster speeds and a better internet connection.

Contact Sales Today:

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Please contact our sales team to discuss all the package options available to you! When you are ready to join us call us at 1-855-844-9283.

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