Business of the Month: Sun Parlour Cannabis Grower Supply

Sun Parlour Cannabis Grower Supply has all your growing essentials! They cater to all grower needs, as you grow from novice to master! They offer lighting, climate control, plant nutrients, growing blocks, and tons of other accessories.

One of their best asset is their team of experts! Their knowledgeable and diverse staff is there for you in every season! Each staff member has unique areas of expertise, so you’re guaranteed to find someone that can assists you with any inquiry – big or small! Come experience the laid back atmosphere where you can grab a cup of coffee, and chat about your plan for a great grow! Your success is their success, so they are always ready with a helping hand.

You’ll pickup great tips about indoor or outdoor growing, like the ideal PH for your water or the key to good airflow, and how to use a proper flowering light! Sun Parlour has a large purchasing capacity and a great network of suppliers. So they can offer highly competitive pricing on some of best gear for your grow! They’re proud to be local and easily accessible!

Right now you can save on a great variety of amazing kits!

  • Outdoor starter kit starting for $74.99
  • The fertilizer starter kit for $64.99
  • Propagation kit, rapid rooter plug tray, dome, and heat mat for $44.99
  • Cloning kit with 50 rock-wool plugs, 50 cell trays and more, for $48.99!

You yield what you put in and it starts with Sun Parlour Cannabis Grower Supply!

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Phone: 519-326-8681

Sun Parlour Cannabis Grower Supply | 230 County Road 31, Leamington