Business of the Month: The Strong Clinic

Patrick J. Strong DD, FCAD, is the leading developer of oral sleep appliances used in the treatment of Snoring & Sleep Apnea. He is recognized as the foremost Denturist worldwide in the treatment of Snoring & Sleep Apnea.

Patrick J. Strong developed, patented, and manufactures the “The SUAD™ (Strong Upper Airway Dilator) family of dental appliances. These oral appliances are used in the effective treatment of sleep disordered breathing (Snoring & Sleep Apnea). The SUAD™ appliances are clinically proven, safe, and FDA cleared for snoring and obstructive sleep apnea.

Patrick not only fabricates appliances for his patients, but also fabricates for practitioners all over North America at his main laboratory which is located in Leamington, Ontario.



Highly respected as the foremost Denturist worldwide using custom dental appliances in the treatment of sleep-disordered breathing, Patrick J. Strong DD has been caring for people’s denture needs for over three decades and has been helping sleep-deprived patients get restful sleep for nearly 14 years.

Since earning his certification to practice Denturism by the College of Denturists in 1980, Patrick increased his knowledge, skills, and precision to become a Denture Specialist and a Master Technician. Over a decade ago, Patrick made the noteworthy decision of incorporating dental sleep medicine within his practice. At that time, only a limited amount of appliances were on the market and the vast majority were accompanied by a 50 percent breakage rate; an issue that was frustrating Patrick. Feeling and knowing the public deserved better, Patrick was determined to invent an effective and comfortable treatment for sleep-deprived patients.

“When I thought of developing a dental sleep appliance, I wanted one that would be capable of treating not only snoring and all levels of sleep apnea, but one that could also withstand the forces of bruxism and help minimize tooth movement. I wanted to do my best to guarantee that, so long as I was provided with an accurate model, the appliance would fit correctly without the practitioner having to adjust it. Above all, I wanted this appliance to not only be safe and effective but also remain comfortable for the patient.”

To that end, Patrick successfully developed The SUAD™ Device – a dental sleep appliance that goes beyond his indicated criteria. From its unique design and versatile functionality to its unsurpassable quality, it is no doubt that The SUAD™ Device is unlike any other dental sleep appliance. Although Patrick was more than please with his development, he was also bothered by the incident of permanent forward mandibular posturing that accompanied each dental sleep appliance, including The SUAD™ Device. Determined to help minimize the chances of occurrence, Patrick effectively developed the Morning Repositioner – a uniquely designed bite deprogrammer.

Patrick’s ample research, hard-work, and determination paid off once again with his most recent development: the Temporary SUAD™ Appliance (TSA), a temporary dental sleep appliance designed to mimic the functionality of the renowned SUAD™ Device and effectively treat snoring and OSA.

Patrick is the Founder, President, CEO and owner ofThe Strong Clinic. Patrick has effectively treated over 2,000 patients within the past six years with his signature SUAD™ Device and he, along with The Strong Clinic team, have additionally manufactured over 10,000 SUAD™ Devices for patients throughout North America. As a sufferer of sleep apnea himself, Patrick is a firm believer of his development and has worn his SUAD™ Device every night for over six years.


“I never thought that it would be possible for an appliance that is so small to work so effectively. With The SUAD™ Device I can sleep soundlessly throughout the entire night and I wake up feeling refreshed and energized!”

Jon S.

“My snoring kept my wife and I separated at night. The SUAD™ Device brought us back together.”

Tim F.

“The SUAD™ Device is excellent! I no longer snore and I don’t have any jaw pain. I wake up feeling more refreshed. Plus, my wife does not have to wear earplugs anymore!”

Bob J.




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