Business of the Month: Contents Processing Centre


Contents Processing Centre (CPC) of Windsor, Ontario, provides professional contents restoration, contents recovery, and ultrasonic cleaning of personal and business items that have fire damage, flood damage, smoke damage or unpleasant odours. Our factory-trained and certified Precision Cleaning Specialists know how to maximize the rate of recovery for items that have suffered damage from fire, smoke, water and odours.

Industrial Cleaning Services

We provide contents restoration, contents recovery and ultrasonic cleaning services to commercial and industrial customers, providing technologically advanced preventive and corrective cleaning services for office equipment and machines, automotive tools and equipment and shop equipment. For our industrial clients, our Fireline Systems equipment is capable of rust removal, paint removal and other challenging industrial cleaning and maintenance requirements. 

Esporta Wash Cleaning System

Our Esporta Wash System, which kills 99.9997% of harmful bacteria, is recognized as the industry standard for cleaning, disinfecting and refreshing a wide variety of items including sporting gear and equipment, jackets, boots and even stuffed animals to name a few.

Fireline Ultrasonic Cleaning System

Our technologically advanced Fireline Systems equipment provides state-of-the-art cleaning, restoration and recovery capabilities for hard surfaced items as well as electrical appliances and electronic equipment. With this exciting technology, we now successfully restore previously unrecoverable expensive items such as computers, stereo equipment, televisions, large appliances, exercise equipment and highly sophisticated medical equipment. 


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