2022 Municipal Election Preview: Wellington North

(Blackburn News file photo)

Two candidates are vying for the title of mayor in Wellington North this year.

Incumbent Andy Lennox is running against challenger and current councillor Dan Yake. Lennox says over the last council term, the municipality has done a lot of heavy lifting in terms of infrastructure, including roads, bridges, water and sewer upgrades. Going forward, Lennox says planning for ongoing and fast-paced growth in the municipality will be key.

“We need to keep focused on looking after those services and the infrastructure we already have, but making room for more residents in our community to work in our businesses and our community events is gonna be front and centre,” Lennox said.

Lennox adds that if re-elected, he wants to continue to foster the expansive growth that has already begun in Wellington North.

“We’ve been working on replacing infrastructure, we’ve strengthened our financial position and paid down a bunch of debts, we’ve gotten ourselves in a position where we can accommodate and work on this growth, we just need to keep being creative. I hope to continue to be able to do that for Wellington North,” Lennox stated.

Yake, a municipal councillor in Wellington North for 28 years, says if he is elected, he also wants to make handling and accommodating growth a priority in the municipality.

“We need to really keep an eye on that and make sure that we’re prepared for it in regards to infrastructure and everything else that comes along with it. The environment, I think it’s important that this council, the new council, pays attention to the environment and does its part to protect it,” said Yake.

Community safety is also a topic of note for Yake, as well as improving resident’s quality of life, and he says part of that is having the council be more engaged with the community and staff. He says he wants to have a chance to bring his energy and passion to the role of mayor.

“I wanna compliment good ideas, I wanna challenge the status quo, and I just want people to know that I care, I’m dependable, I’m dedicated, and I just really wanna make sure that people are proud to live here in Wellington North,” Yake added.

The 2022 Municipal Elections are slated to be held on Monday, October 24. The Wellington North municipal website states that voting will be done by mail, with ballots to be counted using tabulators. More information for Wellington North voters can be found here: https://www.wellington-north.com/government/municipal-election/2022-municipal-election

Around Wellington County, Dave Turton was acclaimed as mayor in Minto, while Gregg Davidson was acclaimed as the mayor in Mapleton.