Exeter students hold a reflection walk

Exeter students join National Day For Truth and Reconciliation walk

The Municipality of South Huron, along with the South Huron District High School and Exeter Elementary School will be commemorating National Day For Truth and Reconciliation this Friday with a walk on the main street of Exeter.

Indigenous Education Lead, Monique Pregent, said they’ll have close to one thousand students and supporters making the walk and as they walk they’ll be reflecting on the Day and what the Day actually means.

She explained, “When we think in terms of those who are helping us commemorate the day, I look at all of the support that we get from our non-indigenous people who are also thinking about all of those children who never made it home from residential schools.”

Pregent added, “What we’re also thinking of is how can we reconcile. It’s Truth and Reconciliation, so we know the truth now, we know a lot about the truth, we still need to learn about the truth, but we also need now to start thinking about how do we reconcile with that past.”

Pregent said that includes making sure that their treaties are respected, that Indigenous people are now longer subjected to any kind of systemic racism and those are some of the things they will also reflect upon as they walk. She says the students will start walking from are area near their schools at about nine o’clock and they will end up at the town hall, where they will invite community members to join them and she will share a few messages with them at that time.