Agricultural Excellence Report presented to local council

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A recent report titled North Perth Agricultural Excellence was presented to North Perth Council this week.

The report covered an established vision of North Perth’s Farm and Food Forward, and an action plan that will leverage and build on the municipality’s existing agricultural strengths. Jessica McLean, the Manager of Strategic Initiatives in North Perth, says the report also highlights current issues in the local ag community.

“Issues such as labour, farm land protection and development, cost, ease of business, etc., and it puts forward four main recommendations addressing sector engagement, way-finding services, showcasing sector innovation and regional capacity building,” said McLean.

McLean adds that the solutions to the issues will involve the municipality working with major stakeholders and local producers, who were consulted as part of the report.

“This included some producers, farmers, farm group reps, agri-business representatives and relevant community organizations such as the Ag Society. The respondents were very passionate about their community and optimistic about the prospects for agriculture and the ag food sector,” Mclean added.

Additionally, McLean shares that every level of government will be involved in improving the sector going forward. Now, the Economic Advisory Committee will view the report at their next meeting to prioritize recommended actions, and then report back to council. McLean shares that the report identified the agricultural strengths in the area, as well.

“North Perth is an agricultural hub with a diverse farm base. Our agriculture and agri-business industries are very business savvy, and they’re successful based on their willingness to adopt the latest thinking and technologies, in order to be the most sustainable and efficient that they can be,” McLean concluded.