Westario scores high in customer satisfaction

Westario Power Customer Satisfaction

Westario Power is proud of the company’s exceptionally high scores in Customer Satisfaction Excellence during a recent survey conducted throughout the energy industry.

The company said that people are struggling during these difficult times, so Westario Power is focused on ensuring every contact is positive and responsive.

In a media release, Westario Power said it is focused on a Customer Excellence Model; respectful, professional, and exceptional.

President and CEO of Westario Power Jenny Alfandary says the company has gained the trust of customers, and she calls their loyalty an incredible asset

Ensuring every customer interaction with the organization is focused and meets the needs and expectations of the customer will drive the new Culture of Performance set out by President and CEO, Jenny Alfandary.

“Customer engagement is an emotional experience and measuring satisfaction is the bedrock for the creation of loyal customers. Westario Power has credibility in the communities we serve, and it is our focused goal to ensure every interaction meets customer expectations”, shares Jenny Alfandary, President and CEO of Westario Power. “We have the trust of our customers, and their loyalty is an incredible asset. I want to commend the Westario Power team on their exceptional efforts.”

“Customers are looking for first contact resolution and an experience that leaves them feeling recognized and satisfied. Our commitment and stewardship are steadfast”, says Alfandary.

George Bridge, Chair of Board of Directors stated that, “The team at Westario Power should be very proud of this outstanding achievement.”